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We are a safe space and we encourage Latinx travelers to share their stories, connect, and embrace our experiences abroad while being Latinx.

Healing in Puerto Rico

I’m not good at expressing my emotions. I tend to hide them and continue with my life as if I have no worries without slowing down. The more distracted I am (I think) the better. But with every traumatic experience, one must come into terms with the process of becoming physically and mentally healthy again. In January 2019, in Colombia, I had a miscarriage. While we enjoyed our time in Colombia, after a fun-filled day, I started to feel off. We contacted the hotel’s help desk, they called the paramedics and we were driven to a women’s health center. I…

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Meet Stephanie Granados

Hola, I’m Stephanie Granados. I was born and raised in New York and I am a proud Colombian! So far I’ve traveled to over 20 countries and the majority of those trips have been as a solo traveler. Photo: In 2017, I traveled solo to Morocco for 11 days. This was the first time I stayed with a local family during my trip and it was such an unforgettable experience. I’m so grateful to say that travel has been part of my life thanks to my parents. Both of my parents come from very humble beginnings in Bogota, Colombia. They both…

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La Gringa: Moving To Colombia

My name is Lauren (@laurenlagringalatina). I am from Omaha Nebraska, I’m 100% American and I moved to Medellin Colombia in 2017 after developing a profound interest and love for the Latin culture and language. This deep interest was developed over the span of many years from the time I was 13 and began studying Spanish to later years when I traveled to the Dominican Republic (9 days), El Salvador (3 months), and Lima Peru (1 year).  When you live abroad, every single day is an adventure. It enriches your life to understand the perspectives of others and to witness and…

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