Bali, Indonesia: A Toast to The Good Life

Experiencing the Balinese Hindu-Buddhist culture and customs has impacted my life in so many positives ways. Bali’s simplest lifestyle and their care for nature have opened my eyes to love my surroundings more than I already do. As humans, we need to love our surroundings and planet, live life through pure love, and communicate with one another for a constructive conversation that will allow us to grow. At times it is hard for others to understand a culture and religion that is not their own – but if we stray away from thinking what religion is better we learn and accept that a good life can be found in any religion as long as it brings happiness, good health, and love.


Through this trip, I learned to take my life one day at a time, to take a deep breath and just love the skin I am in and love my personality.

The temples we visited allowed me to do just that and if you are someone hoping to build your connection with yourself through self, love the Balinese Hindu-Buddhist culture will help you meditate and love everything about what makes you, you.
First, you need to love and have care for others, their religion, and customs. Sometimes people assume admiring another religion will stray them away from their own religion, however, the truth is if your connection with your God is large no one can take anything about your religion way from you — but you can see and explore the similarities and visualize how in history we are all the same. Secondly, and most importantly make sure you want to learn, if you lack the care of learning then you will not experience what the culture of any place you visit is. So with that being said here is How The Goa Gajah and Gunung Kawi Temple impacted my life and soul.

Our Stay in Bali Natya Ubud
Bali is an Indonesian Island known for its forested volcanic mountains, iconic rice paddies, beaches, and coral reefs. The island is home to religious sites such as Cliffside Uluwatu Temple. To the south, the beachside city of Kuta has lively bars, while Seminyak, Sanur, and Nusa Dua are popular resort towns. The island is also known for its yoga and meditation retreats.

Location: Southeast AsiaLanguage: IndonesianReligion: Balinese HinduismCurrency: RupiahWeather: 80-90FElectrical Outlet: In Bali the electrical outlet is similar to ones used in Europe.

The Goa Gajah Temple

I walked into the Goa Gajah Temple and instantly felt an unexplainable presence. Small, but spiritual the smell of incense, its mystery, and carvings provided an emotional and spiritual feeling that I wouldn’t know how to explain. The carvings in the Goa Gajah were astonishing and breathtaking! Also known as the Elephant Cave the Goa Gajah Temple was built in the ninth century as a sanctuary and place of worship. The Goa Gajah was also the home of mediation and inner connection with yourself and your mind, no wonder it was a great inner reflective experience!


From a distance you can see the temple, its stones and the smell of relaxation, yes you can actually smell it. As you breathe the green leaves around the temple as well as the incense and burning offerings, it inspires you to relax and take your days one day at a time. The Goa Gajah allowed me to connect with my mind and nature.

Gunung Kawi Temple


The Canang Sari is an offering with meaningful colors that represent the offer of peace. Balinese women are known to prepare the Canang Sari with love for the Balinese Gods. At the Gunung Kawi Temple, we spotted a man preparing the Canang Sari. The smell was amazing and the craft was art. Built in the eleventh century the Gunung Kawi Temple is the home of many temples in one. Three hundred steps down lies a temple alongside the Pakerisan River.

I really enjoyed walking through the Gunung Kawi Temple primary because it felt as if I were walking through a garden, like those that are full of life. When I travel I reflect on many things; my past, my father, people, friends who come and go and I do this because it is reflective to my soul and allows me to grow. The Gunung Kawi temple allowed me to connect with the inner soul, I learned that everyone has a battle to fight, one that others are not to blame for. My trip to Bali was at a perfect timing in my life — it allowed me to reflect on myself and revisit my soul and my personality.

Our Top 4 Favorites Things to Do in Bali

ea4d36_0276f44f0efa43aeacb88971b79c9dcc~mv2# 1 The Monkey ForestThe Monkey Forest is near the city of Ubud. It is the sanctuary of the Balinese Monkey and for me the scariest tour in Bali lol. It will be a scary experience especially when the monkeys are chasing you for food or your belongings but the experiences were memorable. Will not do it again!

# 2 Coffee PlantationThe Segara Windhu Coffee Plantation was amazing. Coffee lovers, this is your spot. You will be toured around the plantation and you will taste some fine Coffee and tea. It is known to be the biggest coffee plantation in Tampaksiring, Bali and have the best Luwak coffee -Balinese coffee.


# 3 Nia UbudI found Nia Ubud on TripAdvisor. The pictures sold me! The food was amazing, my husband and I loved it! Nia Ubud is known for their authentic and traditional Balinese Cuisine a must go!

# 4 Bali SwingI’m sure you have seen many travel bloggers swinging in the air over what it seems to be the skies, trees, and oceans. What’s best of the experience is that it’s actually not all that scary. There are 12 single swings in Bali Swing so if you are scared you can start off on the smallest swing. Its 100 percent safe and you can tell your tour guide not to push you too hard if that’s a major concern for you. Lastly, get the wallets ready, it’s a bit overpriced!!!!


Go to Bali with a open heart and mind!

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