Meet Joanna Lydia

1A story of travel, spirituality, and love of la cultura. Joanna Lydia is embracing her culture and traveling home to Puerto Rico has reconnected Joanna to her afro latinidad and ancestors – meet Joanna Founder + Host of the podcast @brujasofnyc

My name is Joanna Lydia, a Puertorriqueña from New York. I am an artist and lover of universe who has set out on a lifelong spiritual journey. At the age of 16, my tarot cards were read by a wise elderly Puerto Rican woman who told me I’d be “the voice of our people.” That reading manifested into a podcast 12 years later that I named “Brujas of NYC” to guide me on this spiritual journey to help people with my gifts, be a voice, spread knowledge about Latin Culture and Women Empowerment. ⁣⁣
The word Bruja was chosen to represent Strong, Powerful, Magical Women as I view myself and all women around me. Bruja is a term that I earned on this journey through experience, from my Afro-Latina culture, my Afro-Latina grandmother, her teachings and those of my ancestors.

Growing up 3rd generation Hispanic, unfortunately, it was difficult for me to learn about my culture because my parents were born in the United States. Turning to my grandmother was my only hope in staying connected with my heritage and calling. She spoke about the island and how beautiful it is. How you can feel the love of our ancestors in the air you breathe. It was something I dreamt about as a little girl, yearning to be with my island.

Setting out to Puerto Rico was long overdue, but life happens and the universe teaches us lessons, sometimes in really harsh ways. I woke up one morning still going through an emotional and rough path, I realized this was the perfect opportunity to go. I booked my flight that night along with an Airbnb and the rest is history.

The highlight of my trip was meditating in El Yunque Forest. Being one with nature, letting all the emotions that weighed me downpour out and feeling true peace for the first time. I felt the love and energy of all my ancestors around me and it is something I will cherish for the rest of my life. I connected with so many beautiful people, experienced all of where my family came from, learned more about my spirituality and of course all the questions I had about my culture were answered. My advice to anyone who has hopes and dreams of visiting a country, even if it’s not spiritual, is to stop making excuses and book the trip. The only thing holding you back is yourself.

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