5 Ways To Stay Travel Motivated

There are a few things that motivate me to travel. For the most part, when I feel that I am stuck in a day-to-day routine my motivation is to not to feel tired from a routine that can cause anxiety and depression. So, imagine traveling from New York City to Thailand, a place that can change a person’s perspective and spirituality. The secret is in adding a few extra minutes into your daily routine that can allow you to stay motivated. 

#1 Do something new at home, like joining a social club, growth track in your church, a program, or meditating. Untitled design-3

Recently I was brought into a group hosted by the Owner of Latino World Travelers called 21 Days of Abundance. With the recent coronavirus pandemic, staying home on the weekends has allowed me to focus more on my blog and business Viajerx and co. This program is designed to help you develop abundance in your daily life. When I was invited, my original thought was do I even have time? But as I moved along in the program I realized time is something we have in abundance; it’s how you use your time that is important. Being a part of the 21 Days of Abundance program has allowed me to meditate on what I want for my life which of course is Mas Aventuras! 

#2 Planning your escape or making a list of countries Untitled design-3

Working or barely working? We usually have at least 1 hour of downtime in our jobs (daily or weekly) or maybe your job has its “slow seasons”. What I do with my downtime is blogging or adding countries to my online bucket list. I normally have a google doc with a list of places to see, but recently I made an account with bucketlist.org a site that helps organize your goals and aspirations. Check it out here! 

UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_13f6d#4 Satisfy yourself Untitled design-3

“Success is peace of mind, which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you made the effort to become the best of which you are capable.” John Wooden

So It’s okay to think about you and you only. 

#5 Forget about privilege Untitled design-3

If you start with a complaint: “she travels because she has it good, she travels because she is rich, she travels because she has the time,” you are implying that someone has privilege you don’t have. While it can be true, many people were born into adversity and had or still feel they have to go against the odds, however, they dreamt/dream big and now have an earned privilege. You can have that too if you motivate yourself and stop putting the odds of reaching your travel goals in the forefront! 

Good things are meant to happen to you!



Published by

Zeline Santana

I am a full time college administrator in love with travel. My mission with Viajerx and co is to create statement pieces for Latinx travelers and share our travel journey on my blog! I launched my first business adventure with Viajerx and co in 2020 and our community is growing slowly but surely. Every year, I hope to launch new products that will encourage travel in the latinx community. I cannot wait to see what our gem becomes! Follow us and become part of our community on instagram!

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