Dubai: My packing experince

I would need to admit Dubai was truly the hardest destination to pack for! Dubai is definitely THE hotspot with a mixture of different cultures and styles, what to wear was my biggest concern!

At times I didnt know what to wear!

Did I expect to not have anything to wear!? Untitled design-3

In case you are wondering, I had lots to wear. I was simply overly concerned about being respectful to middle eastern cultures. For the most part, I packed extra-long dresses sort of like maxi dresses, long sleeves dresses, and skirts, BUT it was hot, all the time! It was a little stressful, but packing long sleeves dresses and skirts are a must to respect middle eastern culture and for mosque entry.

Now, where I went wrong was that for the most part there are many tourist areas in Dubai and western fashion is very visible and common. There were many women with shorts, short sleeves, and on some occasions, I would wear long shirts and was melting away!!! I would say I was more concerned about the looks I would get if I wore western clothing.

What to wear in certain areas is important! Untitled design-3

On our trip, we visited Old and New Dubai. Just like its name Old Dubai is the traditional area of Dubai and New Dubai is modern and more western in terms of how tourist dress. We stayed in New Dubai and I do regret not packing an equal amount of modest and more western like clothing.

What I wish I did pack to Dubai! Untitled design-3

Aside from packing clothing and not balancing the amount of western-style clothing vs. modest clothing, here are some items I didn’t pack that in a future trip to Dubai I will and you should too!

  • Mini travel fan: I saw this a lot and boy it is needed. It’s very hot in Dubai and dry. A mini travel fan is a great investment for a trip to Dubai and many other places.
  • Dubai Power Adapter: Belive it or not, I didn’t have one at the time. We lucked out because our hotel also had western outlets. Its a must just in case it’s needed in other areas.
  • Scarf: I didn’t pack a Scarf !!!!!!!!!!! but did buy one in Dubai. It’s needed and should be carried at all times in case you need to cover up quickly.
  • Travel size perfume: You need a refresher!
  • Hat: Will help with the sun
  • Large backpack for water etc: I was too fashionable packed cute purses but nothing large enough to have water bottles, fans, etc.
  • Long Socks: Yes you might need it for no skin show in different areas and mosques.
Burj Khalifa

I hope this helps you plan better! Do your research! Here are some cool sites to see!

  • Burj Khalifa
  • The Dubai Mall
  • Walk around the Jumeirah Lakes
  • The Atlantis in Dubai
  • Dubai Museum
  • Burj Al Arab
  • Jumeirah Mosque Towers

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