Traveling with Ma!

While I wasn’t born into socio-economic privilege, I am privileged to be American born.

My citizenship in itself is a privilege! I was gifted with opportunity to seek, find, and take advantage of many programs in my educational endeavors that allowed me to easily move through social mobility.

With that being said, that has allowed me to Travel with Ma!

This year I was able to take my mother to Europe (Italy) for the first time. Growing up she has always dreamed of crossing the seas and traveling the world but her social-economic situation did not allow many of her dreams to come true.

In 1979, she took a leap of faith and decided at the age of 29 that she would move to the U.S to be with her mother. My mother and I were around the same age. I have two degrees and have never missed a meal in my life, all due to her endurance to leave an education in her home country behind in search of opportunity and family.

Today, I vow to make her dreams come true as much as I can. God has gifted me with a special woman and through travel, we can create memories and show our appreciation to the womenx that are selfless.

To new destinations, culture, love, and memories with Ma!