Cartagena, Colombia: Si Se Puede, Its Cheap!

Cartagena es un Sueno located in the northwestern parts of South America you can hardly go wrong with the weather. We flew in with Spirit Airlines and booked a package deal via Expedia. There are many hidden restaurants in Cartagena and numerous island to explore. If you ever say Colombia as a far fetch dream start reaching because this guide will take you there.

Farfetch? Why? Is it that you are too busy? Do you have children? Or traveling is too expensive? Let me tell you, you are making EXCUSES. I assume you want to travel so you found your way to this page because I titled this post with the word “Cheap” pues si, it is.

There are a lot of socio economic barriers between the Latinx and travel. Whether it was being raised in a low-income household or fighting for equal pay with our suppressor we can say travel might be difficult. For the most part, I try to pursue 3 trips a year where I can indulge and create connections, but most importantly foster hope. You are here because someone told you about this post, you saw it online, or you are one of my dearest friends and followers here is what I did in Cartagena where I went, my experiences, and how much we spent in total for a 6 day stay!

Pa La Cultura: For the most part Cartagena is safe, like many other countries and cities you will find areas that are scary and a bit sketchy. Don’t wear flashy things and don’t walk along el morro at dark. On our trip, we were advised to not walk around the walls of the old city because burglars would stand by waiting for their victims. In addition, you also want to be aware of tour companies who stand by the Historic Center hoping to scam you! Always research tour companies, book with your hotel or ask your hotel directly for reputable companies.

Movich Hotels and Casa Claver

We stumbled across Movich and Casa Claver on Expedia. My husband and I stayed in Movich Cartagena while our friends decided to stay in Casa Claver. The hotel has a great location in the middle of the historic town. The concierge service was amazing and the view from the rooftop pool and restaurant is breathtaking. We stayed in a standard room pretty tight but comfortable, our stay included breakfast which saved us a few dollars. For the flight and hotel, I paid $1,082.00 per person.

On our trip, we met Wilson, a front desk associate at Movich. Wilson was the friendliest person I have ever met. Colombia needs more people like him, he ensured my husband and I were comfortable and was very attentive to our needs. He was always there to help us with everything and assisted with the bookings of our tours and taxi. We hardly needed to do anything ourselves which was great especially when you want to be catered too.

While Movich has the summer vibe cocktail rooftop vibe Casa Claver Loft Boutique Hotel is your cup of spring morning tea. In Casa Claver I experienced their rooftop. The rooftop does not have a bar but who cares with this view? The rooftop at Casa Claver is great for photos, videos, and relaxation. Casa Claver is one block away from Movich so it was easy to commute to our friends. It is also situated between the historic town. The suites are very spacious and breakfast was also included. You can visit Casa Claver with flight and hotel and for $1,088.00 per person.

Best Prices and Islands


We experienced three beaches and a natural pool off the coast of Isla Rosario. The hotel booked all of our tours. For Taxi, Boat Rental, Gifts, Bars, Tip and food on the beach we spent roughly $202.00 (for two). While visiting the beach the waves might be rough! Make sure you hang on tight.

Isla Del Encanto: Isla del Encanto is located in the Rosario National Park. We booked a ferry and it’s a 45-minute ride. We spent one full day for about $75 with lunch included. Perfect day trip from Cartagena and kid-friendly.

Isla Agua Azul: Agua Azul was amazing, but stay away from the ceviche! It’s simply mayo and ketchup! Agua Azul was crowded by local vendors but who cares, we love sandy beaches the food here was not all that great. Bring goodies from your local pharmacy just in case!

Playa Blanca: Playa Blanca was amazing, while a little crowded and swamped by local vendors hoping to get your service it can be a little intimidating. We enjoyed this beauty. Its was definitely congested and soon as we got off the boat we were almost attacked by different sales reps and locals this wasn’t the best experience, but overall we enjoyed our time in the sun.

Restaurants in Cartagena

# 1 Mar y Hojas Cocina Vegana & Atleta Vegano – Cl. 38 #9 – 82, Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

We landed and went straight to Mar y Hojas for lunch, there are only 3-4 dishes to choose from and while the options seem limited it is a great experience. They accommodated our party quickly and were attentive. We spent a total of $50 U.S. dollars for 4 meals roughly and soft drinks which is $12 dollars each.


# 2 Restaurante Plaza Majagua Cl. 37 ##7-12, Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

Who would ever say no to Pizza? As you walk around the local areas you might come across Plaza Majagua. Here you may spend $5,000 – $320,000 pesos. Convert that to US dollars that’s less than $100.00. Here we spend a total of $48.00 for 4 meals soft drinks and beers.

# 3 Rosa Mezcal – Taqueria Mexicana a 36-174 36-2, Cra. 5, Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

Tacos, shots, and more! We were treated so well here! I definitely felt welcomed. This restaurant is a great place for a quick bite! The food was done fast and very tasty. Our total bill for four was roughly $80 dollars (for 4 people) it was the most expensive on the trip – reason – who would say no to tequila!


# 4 Di Silvio Trattoria – Cl. 29 #9A-08, Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

Amo il Cibo Italiano! If you can not get enough of pesto and pasta you should definitely visit and enjoy Di Silvio Trattoria in the area of Getsemani. We spend about 10 dollars each for a full course meal and cocktails. (photo from google)

# 5 Torre Fuerte Cra. 7 #34-66, Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

Last but not least whats travel without local food? Quiero Bandeja Paisa! Owned by locals Torre Fuerte is the most affordable restaurant I have been to! We enjoyed dinner we all ordered a Bandeja Paisa and spent around 10 dollars each.

If you are booking a hotel and flight together give yourself 5 months booking span. You want to be able to save for any additional cost!! Make sure to bring your sunblock and positive vibes!